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Bargain Hunting: ANKR (ANKR)


Name: ANKR

Ticker: ANKR

Category: Platform,Defi, Web 3.0, Ecosystem

Age: 2019


As of 8/22/2022 price: $ 0.036

2021 bull market high : $ 0.18

Market cap: $ 350 M

Daily trading volume: 35 M

Total supply: $ 10 B

Circulating supply: $ 9.6B

Social media presence and followers:

Twitter: 202.6 K

Coin market cap: 211 K


Payment, wallet, staking


Recent announcement by Binance labs strategic investment into ANKR.

The ANKR (ANKR) is down 80% since the previous high. In the next bull market cycle I would expect a 10 - 20X return.

Buy ANKR : Coinbase, Gemini

Please note, we’re not offering any financial advice. It’s worth researching the topics of cryptocurrency, trading, and investing on your own or reaching out to professional advisors.

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